Bell County, Texas Birth Records

Bell County, Tx
Year Founded 1850
2010 Population 310,235
Birth Record Availability 1903 — 2020

Even though Bell County was founded in 1850, it wasn't until 1903 that Texas required birth records for all newborns to be added to the state vital records database. However, some of the family history centers in Bell County may have some older vital records.

Who is allowed to request Birth Records?

The only people who are allowed to request birth records from the Bell County Clerk are those people who are requesting their own birth certificate, and the parents and legal guardians of the person on the birth certificate.

Texas is a closed record state, which means that vital records are "closed" and non-public until they are 75 years old.

Birth records are pretty easy to obtain these days. If you need an official paper birth certificate (for yourself or son/daughter), you can contact The Bell County Clerk and get one for a fee of $23. Alternatively, if you are just looking for the information (useful for family history and genealogy research) and don't need official documents, you can fill out the first and last name at the top of this page and look through the online index.

How to Get Vital Records in Bell County, Texas

The Bell County Clerk is responsible for administering official birth certificates for those born in Bell County from the years 1903-2020. In Texas, birth records are not public record until they are 75 years old. If the person was born on or before todays date in 1945, then they are public now. Genealogists can still access this information, but they can't request a "bonafide" official certificate from the clerk.

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Special Instructions

The City of Temple has been keeping their own birth records since 1950.

Family History Centers near Bell County

Cities in Bell County, Texas

City Population
(as of 2010)
Year Founded
Bartlett 1,675 -
Belton 18,216 1851
Copperas Cove 32,032 1879
Harker Heights 20,000 1950
Holland 1,102 -
Killeen 141,752 1884
Little River-Academy 1,645 1886
Morgan's Point Resort 2,989 1970
Nolanville 2,150 1890
Rogers 1,117 -
Salado 3,475 1867
Temple 66,102 1881
Troy 1,378 1882

Other Genealogy Resources has a searchable index of birth records in Texas from 1903-1935 that can be accessed here.

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